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About Stringer Photography

Chester County portrait photographer and wedding photographers Neville and Lori Stringer, a husband and wife photography team, provide modern portrait photography in a natural light setting. Whether you travel to their image garden in picturesque Chester County, or they travel to you in the Philadelphia region, their love for photography, one another, and interacting with you will make this a fun and carefree experience. Neville and Lori specialize in children, family, maternity, newborn and baby, and high school senior portraits and love every minute of it. In addition to portrait photography throughout the Delaware Valley, Lori and Neville are also wedding photographers and are known for their photojournalism and emotional connection in their imagery and serve the Southeastern Pennsylvania area, in addition to being available for travel. They understand the joys of parenthood, and the challenges as well, as they raise their three daughters. They have been holding cameras side by side since 1999.

About Lori

I love to laugh I love to make up songs and sing to our girls, but I don’t sing in public I love order and organization (take a look at my color coded calendar) yet my house always seems to be in disarray I was extremely shy and quiet as a girl and still find large social gatherings uncomfortable My favorite food as a child was Kraft macaroni and cheese, I think I ate it one too many times. It is no longer my favorite… I tend to sneak chocolate and sweets but I am typically caught by our children I’ve been told by our middle daughter that she wouldn’t trade me in for a large bag of candy or a magic wand and that made me extremely happy I see the glass half full I grew up with rose colored glasses, rainbows, and bunnies running in fields The death of my father, 7 years ago, completely turned my world upside down and it has only been recently that I’ve started to see through my rose colored glasses again I’ve discovered that children do not walk in straight paths but hop, skip, and most definitely, jump over cracks I’m having trouble with the fact that I will turn 40 this year It still amazes me that I’m married to Neville, one of the most caring and loving men, and I allow him to spoil me… a lot I would never have guessed that I would be a photographer when I grew up I have been a wife for 14 years, a mother for 9 years, and a photographer for 11 years

About Neville

I have 4 girls in my life. I wasn’t expecting this, my family line is almost all men. I love my girls and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love sports, just about any sport, as long as it is played fairly and it isn’t a blowout. I’m a Canadian boy. Even though I’ve lived in the States for nearly 15 years, I still feel it’s a very important part of who I am. I love going back every summer for vacation. Marrying Lori made it easy to leave. I love Lori, always have, always will. She is my best friend. I will never have enough time to spend being with her. Making her happy, makes me happy. It blows me away to think we’ve been friends for 23 years. I am a better person because of her. I am a perfectionist. Things need to be done well and done efficiently. I always challenge myself to do things better. I played badminton growing up. It’s more of a Canadian sport than a US sport. Americans pronounce it funny! Ask me someday how to say it correctly! I need to start playing again. I miss the exercise it gave me. I’m amazed how family life makes you so busy, it tough to make time to exercise. I love my 3 daughters so much. They are amazing and beautiful. I wish for them to have a long, happy and healthy life. I hope they become my next closest friends, right after my wife. I wonder who will take their wedding photos. I expect I’ll be an emotional mess when they get married. I’m not sure I’m looking forward to having 3 teenage daughters in my house though. I’ve only got a few more years to prepare for this. I love chocolate too! I’m beginning to realize I need to start loving it a little bit less. I love shooting images for people that capture emotions and feeling and doing this without them realizing a shot was taken. I love working with my wife. I love watching her interact with our clients and she works to capture special images.


image garden experience session | $50 on-location experience session | $150-$250 year in the life experience session | $500 available for travel beyond the Philadelphia region Stringer Photography experience sessions are created to be a wonderful and easy portrait experience for you, filled with fun and laughter. Our session fees cover the artist’s creative time only and do not include any prints or products. The image garden is our 2009 designed outdoor space, located in the rolling hills of Chester County, bordering on Amish Country. It is a lovely variety of garden spaces and vintage decoration and provides a unique backdrop for your child's portrait. 2010 will be the first year fully using it and we are very excited about it. We are available to travel throughout the Delaware Valley to a location of your choice. Whether it is at your home in Philadelphia, the Mainline, or Chester County, or a park such as Valley Forge, Wintethur, or Hibernia, we want to create images that capture your child's spirit and that of your family. A year in the life covers 5 sessions in the first year of your lovely baby (newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year) and can be a variety of local locations that we will determine together. It is our desire to use the images from your session to create lovely artwork for your home. We have several custom collections available and we look forward to sharing these options with you during your planning session. Stringer Photography is available for children, newborn and baby, family, maternity, and high school senior portraits. We accept check, visa, master card. Gift Certificates in any denomination available.


What does your typical sessions look like? Our children and family experience sessions are actually 3 scheduled appointments. We start off with a planning session in our home gallery to talk about location, clothing, décor and color of the home, and identify the collections/products the images will be used in. The second appointment is the photo session at the location of choice. It typically is an hour, depending on the child’s interest. Some can be shorter and some are longer. The last appointment is the preview session at our home gallery to view the images and make selections. How do we behave for our session? Our main interest is in human connection and emotion. We really want you to be who you are as a family and capture that interaction. We’ll help you with this to put you at ease, but just come in with an attitude of fun and it will be. If you are doing a family experience session, make this a special time with your children. Show them how they are loved. Not only will this help create lovely images, this will be a time your children will remember in a lovely way. When we are working with just the children, We consider what we do as playtime with the kids. It is fun and interactive and works best when mom and dad stand back and let us do our thing without calling for the child’s attention, bribing them, or telling them to smile or say cheese, we’ll do the hard work! We do a combination of camera aware images and letting the child explore their world. What should we wear? We love color, and lots of it. Hats are great and lots of fun. We are not traditional photographers so having identical outfits does not fit our style of photography very well. Coordination is good, but mix it up with pops of color. We have little tutus for girls and a variety of crochet hats with big flowers so please let us know ahead of time if you would like to use them so that we can coordinate that with you. If you have a little guy who loves to wear his superman costume, by all means let him! This is meant to have fun and show off the personality of everyone, and that includes how they dress. We had our family portrait taken a year ago and I decided to let our girls decide how they styled their hair and what they wore. I want them to remember what was important to them at this stage of their life when they are 20. I had to gulp a little bit as 2 out of the 3 chose to wear their bathing suits, but it was fun. You may also want them to bring a favorite toy or item to have in their picture. Also, think about where the images will ultimately be displayed in your home and the décor in those rooms. Outfit changes can be an option.

Contact Stringer Photography

Lori & Neville Stringer Western Chester County, PA 610.283.1706